Industrial Visualizations Has a Knockout Site!

Our team here at SquareHook has worked with some of the team over at iCow, and we were so stoked to work on this custom website for Industrial Visualizations. First of all, their banners are videos–videos of some killer work they do.  We love that videos are now becoming banners! You don’t even want to leave the home page, because the banners are so amazing!

For a company that specializes in live action filming, motion graphics, scriptwriting, voiceovers, music, and live action/animation integration, they knew exactly what they wanted to convey.  We just love that! 


What makes this site all the better?  They have killer images (they do visuals, right?) that really showcase their services and give people an idea of what they can expect.


They have a sweet Portfolio that features their Animation Showreel. They upload their images and videos, so clients can get a quick idea about the talent this team has! 

Industrial Visualizations decided to utilize several great features that the SquareHook tool offers. They put in a contact form, cause that is so important for potential clients to get a hold of you.  The form builder allows you to customize any form, notify any administrator to access the form submissions, and the tool keeps a database of ALL FORMS that you can export at any time for marketing purposes. They also will be using a Portfolio to showcase their visuals. 


To top it all off, this website has a Client Login so their clients can access progress on their projects-totally awesome! Oh, and it’s mobile friendly-cause all sites should be.  We hope they love it as much as we enjoyed making it. Contact us if you’re looking to create a wonderful site.  Contact Industrial Visualizations if you’re looking for some crazy incredible 3D visuals. :)

Alejandra Galvan
5 years ago
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