SBS Went the Parallax Route

SBS Lending not only works with us for their small business clients, but they came to us with a need for a new website. They had a couple looks in mind, and one of them had a parallax-type styling. What is parallax, you ask?  Parallax site design is when the background of the website moves at a different speed as the rest of the page for a visual effect that allows for countless creative applications for online storytelling.   SBS wanted to do that to get their points across.


We used Clean Canvas as the base for their website. We used several CSS style adjustments to create the visual effect they were going for.  We used simple text boxes to overlay the beautiful stock photography they provided for us.


On their Get Funding page, they made another customize form, using the SquareHook Form Generator. People looking for business funding can fill out this form, and the form will go directly to whomever was assigned as form recipient…not only that, but the SquareHook tool keeps a database of all form submissions, so you can reference previous messages or export the submissions into a list–for marketing purposes, or whatever!


They didn’t want too much on anything other than the home page.  That makes sense–one goal of a home page is the create immediate interest for a site visitor. It should have the benefits mentioned–why you should patron this business, calls to action (SO IMPORTANT) all of which SBS had on their home page.

If you are looking to wow your clients/future customers, contact us!  We love to help create awesome websites for SquareHook users.

Alejandra Galvan
5 years ago
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