Tapster is an expertly designed Voice of Customer platform developed to help Restaurants connect with their customers




Manage from Anywhere

We are experts in creating user-friendly mobile design. Feel confident that you can easily gain actionable insights about your restaurant from your desktop, smartphone or tablet with our mobile-friendly Analytics Dashboard, Reports, and Instant Alerts.


Respond in Real-Time

Tapster was designed with time-sensitivity in mind. Surveys are presented to your customers just as they are finishing their meal - ensuring that you receive results that are both accurate and timely. Use our instant-alert feature to respond to customers issues - before its too late!


Boost your Bottom Line

Our unique combination of Loyalty Rewards, Customer Feedback, and Actionable Analytics will help you better achieve your Restaurant's goals. Give Tapster a shot today - if you aren't 100% satisfied , we will be happy to return any money that you may have spent with us.